Our Bubble

I know there are horrible events that are happening in our world.  They are on the edge of my periphery and I ignore the details.  I text home with a vague "No media. No news." after reading a warning from our teacher.  I see the headlines on Facebook and I don't read the articles.  

I am working at preserving our bubble, and it is challenging.  Our daughter is fortunately at an age when we can still hide stuff, although I'm pretty certain she can tell energetically.  Therefore, the less that I know, the less my energy is affected.  My prepared answer if ever I am asked is oblivion, "I don't know much about what happened or why."  I don't expect to be asked, and I'll prepare more for the future when our daughter is older.  

I don't mean to be an ostrich with my head in the sand, but that's the best way that I know how to preserve the bubble.  And I do believe that our children need to be protected from information like this.  

My favorite quote I saw yesterday is from Mr. Rogers, who said his mom would always have him focus on the helpers when there was a disaster.  Always look for the helpers.

I also saw a short piece from the Waldorf Connect site that I'm sharing:

As we are on the edge of the new awakening
and coming together as a whole, this is the time to
send our love and prayers to the community.

Let them know we are all one.

I know I am holding my own sweeties a bit tighter today
and remembering what really matters during this season.


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