The Magic in the World

The Magic in the World, We Create!

I've been hearing a lot about magic lately.

Scarlett gets to experience magic everyday and her school supports keeping that magic alive for the little ones.  Fairies and gnomes; unicorns, princesses and rainbow bridges. 

I've had a few practice members start care recently that are familiar with the Awaken concepts-wanting to feel connected, gratitude and love, soul and heart expansion (you know, after discovering why they keep their bodies in pain or dysfunction).  Either from their own experience, or from someone they know.  As they describe what they want in care, it sometimes feels as though they are describing being in magic.  

Scott bought me a book for Christmas called The Night Circus, about, you guessed it, a circus that is built on magic by two magicians.  My book club has even agreed to read it...again, magic!  

My coach even voiced the words that I used for my title, The Magic in the World, We Create.  

My last month has felt heightened, and I'm starting to feel like it may have been the last 6 months that have been in this state.  Partly it has been experiencing some pretty fun and magical things, but its probably mostly because I'm seeing that we do get to create our world as though it is putty.  We have so much more control then we usually give ourselves credit for.  Maybe visiting Disney last year contributed to some of this out-of-reality feel?

What does my title mean to me?  

We are creating our world as we go.  With our thoughts, intentions, and feelings.  When I put a travel picture on my vision board and a week later I book a pretty amazing trip with ease (and with much less cost than I expected), I have to feel it's magic.  When I keep serendipitously meeting people who know people that I know, it feels like magic.  When my schedule at work has a last minute cancellation, and then a really last minute rebooking with the exact person that I wanted to meet that day, magic.  

Of course not all days go that way, as I just came out of a day burdened by all of the things that I have let slide over the last few months, when it feels they must all be done TODAY!  But now that my day is done and I'm ticking a few things off of the to-do list, I can see that it didn't get done because the last few months have been otherwise occupied with some pretty amazing things.  Good things at work, at home, and travelling for both work and fun.  

For the moment-it is all magic.  And I got to create it!  


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