April- Mother Earth Month

This April is All About...
Mother Earth

(as printed in our Elan Family Wellness Centre's April newsletter).  

How else do we combine the month of pregnancies and babies, with the month of many new beginnings as the earth starts its regrow, with the month of Earth Day? Mother Earth, or Gaia is the goddess or personification of Earth; the great mother of all: the heavenly gods, the Titans and the Giants were born from her union with Uranus (the sky), while the sea-gods were born from her union with Pontus (the sea).

Welcome to our month of Mother Earth!  

From a chiropractic perspective, pregnancy is one of the best times to be getting adjusted.  This is both from a physical viewpoint to help with pains and symptoms such as low back and sciatic pain, headaches, and mid back discomfort, to prepare for a shorter more peaceful birth (did you know that moms under care typically have a shorter birth with less need for pain medications or interventions?), to providing an optimum environment for developing baby-proper nervous system communication and a lower perceived stress of our environment.

Years ago, I studied with Dr. Donald Epstein in a seminar titled, " Lifetime Wellness Care for Families, Pregnant Women, Infants and Children."  Some of his words on the importance of seeing moms and children in care... " The child's response to stress is cultivated through experience.  The development of the physical, emotional, and psychological self as a separate and distinct person is formed during infancy and early life.  The fundamental pattern of how the individual perceives the environment, organizes the environment, reacts to stress, and the boundaries to which one assesses self and non self through much of one's life is established to a great degree during gestation, infancy, and early childhood.  The way in which the spinal and neural stability subsystems interact, as a function of the perception of the self in the world, is formed during this critical time....In utero, it is the mother's perception of her environment that is determining the biological or physical self and its development."

"The desire is for the child to experience entrainment with the parents, especially the mother, who is not in a constant stress physiology, but rather whose spinal, respiratory, and perhaps cardiovascular rhythms are entrained to one another."   

What does this mean?  The more mom perceives her environment to be safe, protective, a place to grow and heal, the better the environment she will provide to her unborn baby.  Baby will develop based on believing what mom believes-either the world is a welcoming place, or a fearful place, and will adapt her growth to correspond.  Yes, we want mom to feel good during pregnancy, and to have a peaceful birth.  And of course, we want mom to feel less stress in her body too, for her baby's growth and development!  We help moms to do  this through NSA chiropractic adjustments-helping the body to self regulate tension and change our response and patterns to stress in our life.  

We look forward to what Mother Earth month brings!

For more information on Prenatal care at Elan Family Wellness Centre, please join us at the office for our Prenatal Night Wednesday, April 24th at 7pm.   


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