Grain Brain- a Read in Progress

Did you read the part above the title... "Your Brain's Silent Killers."? 

Chronic headaches, dementia, brain disease, ADHD, epilepsy, depression.  All may be a sign of inflammation in our body.  Inflammation from too much wheat, gluten, carbs and sugar in our diet.  

We've all heard that wheat or gluten may not be the best for us.  It's new for me to hear a few concepts such as, Alzheimer's may be considered equivalent to Type 3 Diabetes.  Hmm.  I've been sharing in the office, but I distinctly remember my Grandfather who had Alzheimer's (or Old Timer's as I used to think it was) and could easily finish off a tray of brownies in an afternoon.  My Grandma would always hide them from him when she baked.  Apparently insulin resistance sparks the plaque formation in this disease.   

Last week during our crazy week of chinooks and odd weather, I had 4-5 days of headaches. I wandered through Chapters on Friday morning and saw this book.  I had been meaning to read it for a few months now, but the headaches must have triggered me buying it that day. I have been guilty of eating too many sweets, and breads, and not fully over the holiday desserts in the freezer.  

Last weekend I stopped eating dessert.  For now.  And cut out the bread and most of the gluten.  I've eaten rice and a little bit of "cultured" oats, and already, no headaches.  I also added in a fair amount extra of healthy fats-fish oil, avocado, and nuts.  I'm always game for a food challenge, so it looks like I'm on a reduced wheat, reduced sugar and no gluten diet for now.  It's possibly the seed planted in my head that chronic headaches may be associated with a lot of inflammation which may contribute to decreased mental health one day down the road.  

Fear aside, this will be an interesting experiment to see how I feel with less of these items in my diet and more of the healthy ones.  I'm hoping I'll also feel a little smarter and less impulsive too.  

Now to go and finish the book.  


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