Oil Pulling

We are on to a new health experiment.  Oil Pulling.  I don't know much about how it works, what it does, what to expect, but I'm trying it and am 5 days in.  

Scott started it first.  Scooped up a tablespoon of coconut oil and started swishing for 20 minutes.  

I was not so adventurous.  A couple days after he started, I melted a tablespoon of coconut oil and then swished the oil around for 20 minutes.  Except I had to keep spitting out little amounts because I made so much saliva.  Do you think I was cleansing toxins out?  I have no idea.  

Scarlett even volunteered to participate and has lasted 5-15 minutes each night.  We use a teaspoon of melted coconut oil.  She likes to use the time to pantomime and act.  It makes it very hard not to spit oil everywhere.  

I prefer to sit quietly and read and not attempt communication with anyone.  The internet is also good for killing the 20 minutes.  Maybe I should use it for yoga instead.  

We've been doing this in the evenings, although some articles advice doing this in the morning. Something tells me that time in the morning may be hard to find.  Regardless, it does make for a lively atmosphere at our house. 

What have we noticed so far?  Maybe a bit smoother, dentist-clean feel.  No exciting detox symptoms, or dramatic health benefits.  I'm waiting to see and I will give it at least 7 days.  

Here's a little information since I know I'm not replicating this much information:  Oil Pulling

Good luck if you try and I hope to know if there are more benefits soon!  


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