A Fresh Perspective for January

Between the winter solstice, the new moon and the new calendar, it's undeniable we have a fresh start in January. Why not approach this year with a fresh perspective and use this information about the energetic intelligences to fuel your change and goals?

Many of our goals fall under the category of supporting our bioenergetic intelligence-diet and exercise goals, improved sleep, improved health. This provides an excellent foundation for a strong body.

Next is our emotional energetic intelligence. I hear people who “resolve” to have more peace in their life, or more joy, more fun... You can pick an emotion that you would like to have more of and focus on that. You can even play with a different emotion on different days.

These two intelligences develop earlier in life and help us to focus on surviving day to day. This is great for in the moment, but can also be a net result of energy poor. How do we switch to being in energy neutral, or energy rich and super rich?

Our lower mental energetic intelligence is concerned with rules, what is right or wrong, how things are black and white, what decisions are supported by society. This is our voice at 3 am when we worry that we made the wrong choice the day before. Lower mental may involve some STRESS-so perhaps that daily meditation for the purpose of quieting our lower mental would be lovely! We could also support lower mental by reading up on systems and procedures, rules, learn how the conventional world operates...

Next is our upper mental energetic intelligence. This is our world of abstract thought, big thinking, and leads to non-conventional, out of the box thinking. Taking a course to learn about a new subject, philosophizing like the great masters, or scheming about how we can make the most impact for our family, community, or the world... this all fits here. And guess what, we've now moved into an energy rich realm!

What else is energy rich? The energetic intelligences of soul and universal spirit. When do you connect most with soul or spirit? Is it through music, community, art, nature, or other? If you feel that this gets you excited, choose to have more of that in your life!

I've contemplated my own goals for the upcoming year and am currently choosing between developing and increasing my involvement in our community and working on my own art & writing. I think both are excellent choices and I am happy to know that they both fit into an energy rich model!

What are your plans for 2017?  

(The concept of the Energetic Intelligences is one developed by Dr Donald Epstein under the umbrella of Reorganizational Healing.)


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