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Freshly back from an AMAZING weekend at the Mile High Chiropractic Movement in Denver, CO, August 16-18th, I think that the STRUCTURE of my BRAIN has changed.

"There have been more advances in chiropractic research in the last decade than there has been for the last 100 years. We now know definitively that when you deliver the chiropractic adjustment you are changing the structure and function of the brain.” ~ Dr Monique Andrews (Chiropractor and Neuroscientist).

As a brain and nervous system nerd, I was excited to sit with and hear from well respected scientific researchers, chiropractors, and a neuroscientist (and professor) during this event. Some excitements from the weekend in abbreviated form (from Dr Mo and from Dr Bruce Steinberg) ...

  • They're now talking about the Immune System being considered our “seventh sense” (Scientific American).
  • The Immune System may be linked to such concerns as depression- apparently patients who are depressed have increased inflammatory markers (pro-inflammatory cytokines)
  • Injecting pro-inflammatory cytokines (POC's) can mimic depression (triggers “sickness syndrome'=loss of appetite, sleep disturbance, cognitive impairment, reduced self care, social withdrawal, low libido.) Hmm.
  • Stressful situations up-regulate components of the immune system involved in inflammation (such as POC's) leading to similar symptoms as listed above.
  • POC's effect microglia in the nervous system. (Immune system affects the nervous system).
  • Neuroimaging shows that depression affects parts of the brain: hippocampus, amygdala, and the pre-frontal lobe.
  • Depression affects autonomic system dysfunction (the fight or flight versus rest/ digest systems).
  • The Neuro-Adaptive HRV (heart rate variability) can be used as an indicator of stress vulnerability and resilience.
Dr Bruce Steinberg at Mile High Chiro

It's so cool when science helps to explain the many changes in the brain and nervous system happening for people experiencing depression, chronic stress, and inflammation. This is probably just the start of a conversation, with so much more to share.

I will end with my favourite quote of the Mile High weekend and one more thing for you to ponder, “ Your ability to adapt to your problem is more important then the problem itself.” ~Dr Amy Haas.

I'm also excited to link Brain Health to Structure for our September theme at Elan Family Wellness Centre! Thanks to Dr Maureen for the perfect quote. This article touches on 3 of the speakers I heard at the Mile High Chiropractic Movement in Denver. There's more content too!


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