Community Month

I had written this for our July newsletter, but we've extended our Community month offer through July~please enjoy my thoughts on community (our monthly theme!) as we wrap up Stampede week!  

Not only a favorite topic but also a favorite time of the year! Bowness in July is bursting with community events~from the Bowness Stampede parade, Music in the Park, movie nights, you name it... We try to keep a listing of local events in the office and also post through Elan's Facebook page-make sure you're there to keep up to date! It's exciting that we can tap into our local gatherings as well as the community that is created within the walls of Elan. Did you know that one of the reasons we moved Elan to Bowness was to be a part of this spirit and to help it grow even more?

To help support our community both of Elan and Bowness, we've created our Community week, running during Stampede week. Ask us how you can invite your family or friends to join in what's going on here!

My personal experience with community in the last few months has been lovely and feminine and sacred~I've had the chance to be a part of women's circles for my pregnancy work and birth preparation. Everything from classes where I have been a student, to our Seasons of Women's Wellness at the office, to my and Scarlett's Blessingway prior to the birth, it feels like a year strong in support. Everyone in my circles has brought a lot of individuality and gifts, and it has been fun to see how the separate pieces come together. I will have fond memories of spending a chunk of this pregnancy both in community and in creativity.

Please take advantage of opportunities to participate and to create more of this in your life. For more information on community, have a look at the 12 Stages of Healing-do you know where community fits in?


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