What is Mindfulness?

Thank you to Margaret Kennedy, Acupuncturist with Elan Family Wellness Centre, for these words on Mindfulness for our May newsletter.  The whole world, as we have known it, our individual world has been rushing around for ages with little or NO MINDFULNESS. We have been so busy rushing around, cut off from ourselves. one another, our environment  and NATURE,  that it has affected our whole lives, our world  - negatively.    Now, a virus, something we cannot even see, has forced us  to slow down,  to isolate from “our NORM”. All our negativeness arise now, we become stressed, angry, anxious, worried,  agitated, depressed, fearful  - How to change this?    This is our time to BE MINDFUL of ourselves, our lives and our world. To CHANGE ourselves, our world. Mindfulness is being aware moment by moment of our thoughts,  emotions, where we hold our feelings in our bodies and our environment – locally and in the world. To experience Mindfulness, set aside a specific time to practice s


Thank you to Dr Robert Clarke, Chiropractor at Elan Family Wellness Centre, for these words on Mindfulness.  We are always sending and receiving information, this is how we interact with the world. The obvious example is our interactions with other people. Not just the words, it’s gestures, posture and eye to eye connection. Expand that to the environment around us and what we see and what we don’t see. There is a constant flow of energy and information between us and the world around us. Take a few minutes to reflect on the lens or filter that you use when engaging with your environment. Is it optimistic, fearful, combative or loving? Of course, this is a dynamic process and changes as we move through the day.  Observe yourself and see if there is a filter or lens that you default to most often, then ask if there is a better energy that you can defer to. Become a skilled observer of your own energy. As you learn to shift your own perspectives, you will then be able to enhance, shift o

RAPID NeuroFascial Reset

Thanks to Lisa Chepil, Registered Massage  Therapist  with Elan Family Wellness Centre, in Bowness, Calgary, for these  words  of update and  information  on her  upcoming  training.  While away from the clinic, Lisa has been enjoying time with her daughter, gardening, biking and continuing to master her craft by learning new massage and manual therapy skills. She is following up her first course in RAPID Lower Body with an upper body seminar online this in May with an in-person section to follow later in the summer.   What is Rapid NeuroFascial Reset? RAPID NFR, is a neurologically based, active, manual therapy technique that addresses the central nervous systems role in alleviating tension and restrictions within the body.   What are some conditions does RAPID help alleviate? headaches /migraines back pain  carpal tunnel syndrome  shin splints  shoulder pain  sciatica  plantar fasciitis  knee problems  tennis/ golfers elbow  whiplash TMJ fro

7 Tips for Reducing Feelings of Isolation:

Thank you to the information shared from Modern Loss (via Instagram) and @goodgriefnj With reports of stress levels rising as we continue to self-isolate, we at Elan Family Wellness Centre, thought it would be timely to focus on Mindfulness for the month of May and to provide you with resources for your mental well-being. Please let us know if we can provide more specific help to support you. For Access Mental Health in Alberta, visit  here. 7 Tips for Reducing Feelings of Isolation:  Name Your Emotion- It's an effective way to reduce and regulate difficult emotions. It may help you to feel more control and that you can manage them more effectively.  Seek Out Regular Social Interaction (phone, video, letter)-We may need to be more proactive in setting up those online "dates" and connections. Regular interactions can lessen the likelihood of feeling lonely or isolated.  Get Physical-include some measurable goals to be active and increase your heart rate. Impro


TeleHealth is available for both *New Chiropractic Patients* (new offering!) and patients under current chiropractic care. Many insurance providers are covering these appointments, so please check your insurance information. Sessions cost $45 per 15 minutes (plus $15 per 5 min increment over initial 15 minute session.) Please call or email the office and we can book your time: 403 217 5577 Through TeleHealth we can converse about what is happening to understand your condition or concern, look at postural and movement imbalances, and recommend exercises, techniques or lifestyle recommendations that may help you. With all of your increased demands and stress, your physical health should be the one that allows you to respond with flexibility and adaptability.

Nourish Yourself~Bone Health

A frequent question that I get asked by my chiropractic patients is, What can I do to make sure my diet supports my bone health and bone density? Here's some basic information to make sure you are getting the minimal levels required.   Is eating for “bone health” a concern for you? According to New York's Center for osteoporosis, 1 in 2 women over 50 will break a bone due to low bone mass or osteoporosis. While many of us have grown up on the idea that drinking milk is essential to have strong bones when we get older, and necessary so we don't develop osteopenia or osteoporosis. (“Brittle bones”), let's explore other areas of our diet where we may be able to get calcium and other factors contributing to bone health. Dairy does contain calcium and can be part of a healthy diet, but there may also be concerns with digestion or absorption for some people. The current Canadian Food Guide (2019) advises us to fill half of our plate with fruits and vegetables, a quar

Warmth & Breath

Thank you to Dr Robert Clarke, Network Spinal Chiropractor at Elan Family Wellness Centre in Bowness, Calgary, for this breath exercise to connect with our inner wisdom.  As the days get longer and the warmth of sun grows stronger, we can reflect on how this year/decade has started. Have you developed a trajectory to guide you forward? It’s less about goals, it’s more about direction. How would you like things to be unfolding for you as you move though the next year/decade? With a direction in mind its good to check in with your heart and see if you are on track. Sit with your hands over your heart,  breathe in your nose, out your mouth, bringing the breath to your heart space. While connecting with your heart reflect on your path forward does your path have a positive effect on how your heart feels?  If so great!  If not, how can your course correct to change your trajectory to have your direction be more congruent with your heart? Do this exercise regularly. Do it for different asp