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Season of Integrate

In the Four Seasons of Wellbeing ( “The fourth season, Integrate, represents the ability to know and consciously choose the combination of seasons (discover-transform-awaken) called for in various circumstances or life changes, and represents a high level of organizational integrity and communication across aspects of the individual’s life.”
We've chosen Integrate to be our theme for October.  We thought it was appropriate as we are bringing together 2 offices, 8 practitioners, 2 front office assistants under one roof.  We are re-organizing on many levels and are going through the process of discovering what has and has not worked before or today; transforming our practices, the wellness of our practice members, and an office still under transformation, and hoping we bring grace, gratitude, and greater community to both our office and neighbourhood.  We probably visit each of the seasons every day in our office!
We hope we can share what Integrate mea…

Feng Shui at Elan

Finally!  I've been wanting to share some behind the scenes of our ever-so-long but its-going-really-well build out of our new office in Bowness.  

Once of the best parts of this do it yourself thing, is being able to be part of every little thing.  

We've torn things down, Scott framed it up, drywalled it, and I'm sure we'll eventually share more of the process.  It currently has paint and is about to get some real floors-cork and tile!  

One of my favorite things has been to structurally plan where things were going to go and to use the Bagua map from Feng Shui to do so.  I had help from Jessica Erlendson, (music and feng shui) for some pointers for our rooms.  

Easiest way to cover your bases?  Write your affirmations (or they may be intentions) on the wall or in the wall since its on my drywall forever more.  I've included my affirmations for our Skills and Knowledge Zone so that you can get the idea.  I have written affirmations or intentions for all of the Zones,…

Hello September

We hope that you have had a wonderful summer! Our family squeezed in one last weekend in the Shuswap over the Labor Day weekend and had an eye opener that fall is arriving- temperatures were cooling, lips were blue when we were in the water, and the salmon had already returned for their annual run. It has been a short summer for our family as we've been immersed in the renovations at our new office and creating the structures for business this fall. 
Yes... Structure and September always go together in my mind. The fall brings new school routines, new classes, new ambitions, and for many is considered the start of the year.  I find it helpful to keep the Triad of Change in my perspective at a time like this. I'm re sharing how best to identify and use your strengths. If structure is a strength of yours, you probably embrace this month. You love planning, routines, the new clothes and supplies, and having everyone where they belong. If you are cringing or avoiding facing reality,…