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Our Awesome Community

It's time for Spring Celebration and Patient Appreciation Week! 
We put the call out that we hope to use our Patient Appreciation Day & Open House to also raise money for the local charity Made by Momma, and our community support has been amazing!  

CRAVEfuel Event-Identity:See Yourself Like Others See You

Elan had the opportunity to host our March CRAVEfuel event, with the topic of Identity.  

We had two wonderful presenters-Gemma Stone and Jennifer Powter and had the chance to chat about our own business identity and how to be congruent in how others see us.  

The key to the evening was how do we bring Authenticityto our business?  Whether it is our passion for our work, an incredibly specific customer group, being comfortable in how we present ourselves in our work place, allowing our feminine energy to show up in the workplace, or sharing our background through writing and social media, we all have many opportunities to show our authentic selves.  

Our presenters have such an amazing background:  Gemma is a psychologist, coach, speaker, guide and retreat leader.  Her popular programs are Birthing From Love and the Great Life Redesign.  What a great way to literally birth a new being, or birth a new you!  Gemma shared how she went through a redesign to create more authenticity in her bu…

Festival of Health and Wellness

Dr. Adrienne Perkins- Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncturist & Massage Therapist!  

This past weekend we were at the Festival of Health and Wellness.  Between muscle testing for allergies, DTCM Tongue and Pulse Diagnosis, sharing information on Network Spinal Analysis, and meeting some new faces, we were busy!  

Here's a peak at our table.  
It's always fascinating to see the different health and healing modalities being offered in Calgary-there's no much to do and experience!  From movement therapies, health practitioners, organic coffees, angel readings, crystals, massage, to self help books, and much, much more... How does one decide?  
We often see people who are confused by what choices to make.  
I can share my own experience of how I make decisions about my health.  I choose NSA chiropractic first because it is the one way that I know I can learn new things about how I do my life, and how to re-program that in my body.  By choosing a technique compatib…

Scott's Refining the Model

Kapow! It's March. For the last 3 days I have been trying to clear my head enough to get some of the most powerful things I can share into this Newsletter/Blog. How do you put the feeling of agitation into words? Not... anger.... but an incredible longing, buzz, or high pitched squeal. Something so incredible that you cannot put it into words without softening it. How can you? It's like trying to describe the colour red to a blind person – words are inadequate for the job. I've been asked to talk about appreciation but something bigger and much more important to me is on my mind right now.
As a health practitioner, I have long thought that restoring someone to their pre-symptomatic state was the goal. To move them from pain back to normal. To return them to their daily lives. A person would come in with XYZ, I'd treat them and then have them go away, returned to normal. Some time later, they would return with ABC, and we would work on that. Again I'd get them back…