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Day 25/180

I may have left you in suspense out there...what's she going to do to as a countdown to her 45th birthday?! 

I was not entirely sure when I started. Back in December at the Solstice, I attended an Intention evening when we released what we needed to for 2018 and welcomed in 2019. Mine didn't entirely make sense, I released my need for a defined location for sacred space and moved forward on challenging myself physically and spiritually, KNOWING this was going to be a big year for transformation.  

The next day I still didn't know WHAT I was training for, but I started training/ working out, and started by doing the 128 stairs near our house leading up to a nearby development. I managed 3 sets and exhausted myself! My postpartum state of activity has not been pretty. 

The next day I visited Calgary's beautiful new library and left with books on hiking and trails. My brain was thinking the Camino in Spain or Portugal, or some more nearby adventure hikes. A spiritual journey…

Scott's Thoughts-Fresh

Thank you to Scott Hutchison, Registered Massage Therapist at Elan Family Wellness Centre in Bowness, NW Calgary, for this perspective on the New Year. 
One door closes and one blows open with the force of everyone gearing up for their respective New Years Resolutions. It’s the time of year where we stumble about nailing down plans for the year, moving in time with the rhythms others, supercharged by the new potential that the fresh years brings. Don’t be a sheep! Ask deeply of the why’s and the purpose of your resolutions. It is, in fact, as important as the actual act of working on your resolution. Who does this new resolution serve? Is it some surface reason, is it because everyone else is doing it, is it because of some deeper un-articulated feeling burning away in the back recesses of your mind or better... your heart? Here are some pro tips for success in the new year. ~Be exact as to your resolution, with time, urgency and completion dates. ~Be realistic, and then stretch it a …


Here's a short cheat sheet if you want to ensure you are making "good goals". 
Is your goal Aligned with your highest values? (what does this mean to you? family, friends, spirituality, religion, community)
Are the Goals SMART:
Specific goals and in the present tense. eg. By June 30th, I weigh __ pounds.
Measurable- Quantify how you will know if your goal is accomplished.
Achievable-You will need to stretch to achieve your goal, but it also needs to be accomplishable.
Relevance-eg. Is it more impactful to work with people in your community versus having an international reach?
Time Bound/ End Date

Acupuncture in 2019

Thanks for Marguerette Kennedy, Registered Acupuncturist at Elan Family Wellness Centre in Bowness, for this share for the New Year. 
Hello Everyone, I hope that you had a very nice Christmas.

Now let’s look at how YOU are going to going to look after YOUR health in 2019. Acupuncture can be the Fresh Start you need to maintain your health.
Getting Acupuncture on a regular schedule can stop imbalances within your body, before they create problems in your overall health. Acupuncture works by balancing energy in the body, and correcting imbalances before they grow into a pattern of disease. Acupuncture treats health at all levels – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Each session is tailored to the individual for preventative health maintenance and treatments should be once or twice monthly. Do come visit with me to discuss your 2019 Fresh Start for YOUR health.

~ Marguerette

Fresh Plans for 2019

Happy New Year 2019~let's hear those resolutions and goals for the year. I'm joining the bandwagon and would love your ideas and support! Once January arrives, I'll be starting my 6 month countdown to 45 years old and I'm currently brainstorming ideas of how to greet this milestone. After dragging out my post-partum health for way too long, I'm ready to make some health changes so I can start 45 in excellent physical health. I'm completely prepared to get younger this year!
I can tell you what I am and am not interested in as a goal to work towards... So far, Walking the Camino is the most intriguing, but also possibly not in the budget for time or money, so perhaps something local? I would love to be on the water-rowing or canoeing are options. I know I'm not a runner, so no marathons or 1/2 marathons, I like the gym and weights, but I don't expect I'm into body building.
I would love to hear your ideas of health projects you have taken on! In the …