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Celebration-Practice Member of the Week Program!

This fall we were able to celebrate 12 practice members who have had amazing changes with their health and help to make our workplace a joy to come to. These individuals had a range of care from 2 months to 15 years-wow! Here are some of their changes that we want to celebrate! It is amazing to see the changes that can happen through NetworkSpinal Chiropractic care! 
"Since I began care, I've noticed":
New Lease on Life! More Energy Decrease in Pain Better posture, Body Language in More Positive, I feel more confident New level of balance I can participate in activities and not always feel sore afterwards I feel healthier and that my body can heal itself better and I manage stress better. I have learned how to relax and let things go. I sleep better and my posture and back pain are improving. Less back pain and shoulder pain. More calm and peaceful when I leave the office. NSA has helped my body feel younger than it is! Less pain and muscle cramps and better mobilit…

Elan at Courageous Self Care Festival

Elan was excited to participate in the first Courageous Self Care Festival held at Mount Royal this past weekend. It was a day dedicated to Women's Health and Self Care~more then just chocolate and bubble baths! Here's some photos of the day. 

SensaKids at Elan

The wonderful team atSensaKidswill be in office this Wednesday and Thursday for this month's Family Days! Sensory play encourages whole-child development and makes for magical childhood memories! We can't wait to see everyone, call 403.217.5577 to make your appointment!

Thoughts from Dr Rob on Perception

Thanks to Dr Robert Clarke, Chiropractor at Elan Family Wellness Centre in Bowness/ NW Calgary, for these thoughts on Perception-part of the Triad of Change. 

After looking at Structure and Behaviour the past two months this time we will look at Perception and how we can sometimes use our Perception in creating change in our lives. For some people finding their inspiration or motivation is key before taking action. The feeling of accomplishment is what drives them create a structure or to get things done. If you are one of these people, it is essential to get to know what makes you feel good, where in your life you get inspiration from. For me personally, I lead with Structure, take action then feel that sense of accomplishment. The shift in perception is the reward for me.

Take a little time to think of things that make you feel good: being with family, mountains, water, certain colours or a nice tidy work space, etc. Once you have identified some, hold them in your consciousness, see …

Scott's Thoughts~Perception

Thanks to Scott Hutchison for this thoughts on Perception, our theme at Elan this month! Scott is a Registered Massage Therapist at our office in Bowness, NW, Calgary. 

We have reached November. It’s a big month!!! Our daughter turns 10, I am one grey beard hair away from wizard status and we have a whole month at Elan dedicated to Perception. As of writing this, I have just competed at the Pro Level at an international speaking competition. It was a big deal to me and kinda fell into my lap actually. There were two judges for the event, one from Calgary and one from Las Vegas. Both super amazing speakers in their own right so there was no question as to their street credit. But a person’s perception can colour a behaviour and a structure.
Judge one... I’ve known for a year and have run into many times. Judge two was new to me, so I made it a point of getting to know him over the first day and a half. My scores were 92 vs 77 respectively. With bonus points, my average was 93.5. Not ba…

November is Perception Month!

Hello from Denver and Advanced NetworkSpinal Training!! 

With November's theme of perception, the opportunity presents itself to reflect on areas of our life with gratitude. The last weekend of October, I had the opportunity to continue my Network Spinal training at the Awaken/ Advanced care in Golden Colorado. Awaken care presents the opportunity to connect our spinal gateways with our heart center and it is an inspiring, graceful phase that allows more ease and helps ourselves and others to share their gifts. I am in awe of being in such an amazing Community of professionals and individuals when I am with my Network Spinal colleagues. 

As a perception person it helps me to feel part of a bigger community and purpose (even as an introvert!) and reminds me why we created Elan. We're here to provide a warm, nurturing environment to help you discover & create your amazing health. We are excited to help transform the health of both our practice members and local communities of …