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Behind the scenes

In light of our month of appreciation, I thought I'd share a piece of behind the scenes at our office.  We have much to appreciate-lovely practice members, a supportive community, a beautiful office, and probably key to a lot of this... some pretty amazing reorganizational tools that we can use for our own healing and growth and to contribute to our own Elan community.  

Today is our example of a not so typical day.  Ever wonder what happens at Elan on a quiet day?

When the stars align and our schedules are clear at the same time, we've created space for great things.  
Such as our staff healing intensive session using Network Spinal Analysis entrainments...

Or moments for SomatoRespiratory Integration...

(Scott took this one earlier-such beautiful sunlight!)
Or strategically plan for all of the fun events we have coming up and work on how to improve our services...

Now you know!

Thanks for being part of our community and helping us share Reorganizational Healing!  

Are some of the wor…


We have days that can act as reminders, can't we?  

I met with my CRAVE Calgary Women's group for a CRAVEfuel chat about Simplicity.  We had two experts in the fields of Interior Design and Graphic Design share some tips with us before we broke into small group discussion.  A couple of the take-aways...

Consider Simplicity like Focus.  The more focus you have in what you do, the more things will fall into place with ease.  Are we consistent with our Values?  Do we know what we place the most value on?  The more we place our focus on our values, the simpler life will be.  Can you teach your system/ process to a 6-year old?  Break it down so that a 6 year old can follow the directions.  To-Do Lists, Written Lists, electronic devices can all help us to simplify.Having something written down helps to get it out of your mind.  Is your space around you and your mind clear of distractions and clutter?  Life is definitely more complicated by our social media.  Time wise and emotion wise…

The Fall

It's one of those judgment days of our life today and our life past.  

We just survived pre-Valentine's Day dinner.  Scott was leaving town so our little family went out on the 13th, after a full afternoon of the two of them at the movie, with popcorn and snacks.  
Dinner out usually ends up being sushi.  Or Vietnemese.  However, the 5 year old in our house thought the pizza, pasta and make your own sundae on the TV commercials place would be the best choice.  
Did I mention I'm semi-almost fully gluten free for half a month now?  I've had my share of gluten free pasta and pizza lately.  Not that I'm the one to worry about.  I ate the meat-veggie-rice option.  Followed by dessert, but again, I wasn't the problem.  
For Scarlett, the pizza probably wasn't the problem, or the fries, but add on a sundae to that with caramel and m&m's... 5 minutes after dinner finished, there was that look of panic and complete unease, followed by 20 minutes in the washroom…