We have days that can act as reminders, can't we?  

I met with my CRAVE Calgary Women's group for a CRAVEfuel chat about Simplicity.  We had two experts in the fields of Interior Design and Graphic Design share some tips with us before we broke into small group discussion.  A couple of the take-aways...

  • Consider Simplicity like Focus.  The more focus you have in what you do, the more things will fall into place with ease.  
  • Are we consistent with our Values?  Do we know what we place the most value on?  The more we place our focus on our values, the simpler life will be.  
  • Can you teach your system/ process to a 6-year old?  Break it down so that a 6 year old can follow the directions.  
  • To-Do Lists, Written Lists, electronic devices can all help us to simplify.
  • Having something written down helps to get it out of your mind.  
  • Is your space around you and your mind clear of distractions and clutter?  
  • Life is definitely more complicated by our social media.  Time wise and emotion wise.
  • We're allowed to schedule ourselves in our schedules too.  Yes, I have time set aside for yoga and for the gym.  And my entrainments.  Just figuring out where to fit in more of what I want too.   That would be the big rocks-our health, our family, what's most important to us.  
  • Do you love what you do?  That will make things more simple for us too.  
  • Do you have clear boundaries in your personal and professional life?

Beware the barren-ness of a busy life.  

For me, this led to some thoughts of what we are doing right (although for one, that pile of papers beside my computer does drive me nuts).  Our school completely encourages a simple life and simple routine for kids, so they have the space to imagine, create, and play.  

I love that we choose to live in a small space with more yard than home.  We cook at home, we meal plan, we enjoy our house and yard.  We have a short commute.  We aim to do a lot of our activities in our community.  

One presenter commented on Calgary's reality.  Many people live in an enormous house, work ridiculously hard all week, have no time to cook or time to plan meals or grocery shop so they eat out and don't even spend time in their homes, spend their weekends looking at appliances, furniture, or other gadgets which more than likely are now considered disposable.  And they work towards building a bigger home, or renovating for more room, to hold more things they don't need.  Not a simple life.   

It was refreshing to focus on the thought of Simplicity.  I hope the more I keep that value and thought in my mind, the more easily it will come into my life.  


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