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Awaken Network Spinal in Denver

We are perpetually learning and I am no different with training in Network Spinal. I recently attended the Advanced Care/ Awaken Care training that was offered in Denver, Colorado in November 2017. What a weekend! 

As you can see from the photo, we had instruction from Network's Greats! In the front row are Dr Donald Epstein (founder), Dr Robin Sherman-Rothstein, Dr Richelle Knowles, Dr Daniel Knowles, Dr Sophia Rodrigues, and Dr Aiden Kinsella. Wow! 

I had preconceived beliefs that Advanced/ Awaken care was for practice members who had been in care forever, spent a couple hours a day in meditation, weren't affected by stress, must love their jobs, their daily commute, their home life... you know, had this life thing figured out and under their belt. And I was wrong. 

Advanced/ Awaken care can be introduced much earlier in care~even from day one in practice. Its no longer (or maybe never was) a luxury, but is a necessity for life! Awaken care is the third season of the Seasons of…

Celebrate with us in December!

The theme is Celebration this December! 
Do you make celebrating a routine activity in your life? I like the concept of celebrating a win at the end of the day (soon to be added to my evening routine!) As you read this, take a moment to celebrate that you have made health improvements over last year and that you are getting healthier every year! We want to celebrate your wins with you, so please share them with us when we see you. And if you want more health wins, we can help with that too.

The energy of Celebration is aligned with the Advanced Season of Care or Wellbeing that we honour in the office. I'm super excited to be recently back from training on Advanced care and will share some experiences from that in another post. I'm hoping that we can inspire you to also include more purposeful, action directed advancement in your life too, so we can make a positive impact on our little piece of the world. An example...I went to my recent seminar thinking that the advanced care wa…