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Acupuncture & Autumn

Thank you to Marguerette, Registered Acupuncturist with Elan Family Wellness Centre in Bowness, NW Calgary, for this information on how Autumn effects our body. 

AUTUMN: ELEMENT – METAL, Emotion – Grief.
Autumn is the end of the growing season(summer), now is the time to clean out Old Negativity.
As Nature lets go and everything goes bare, so with our life cycle, it’s time to eliminate, turns inward, rest, release what we no longer need and look at what is important in our lives.  
Failure to let go, hanging onto the past and things that no longer serve us, how we can be open to a healthy future with a new vision of who we are.
Grief, the emotion of the Metal element, is healthy and cleanses us of our losses. Inappropriate grieving or not grieving(holding on) results in a blocked metal energy and imbalances.

COLON – Letting Go
Eliminates all waste from the physical body, the mind and spiritual garbage. It releases toxicity, constipation, allowing us to see the beauty that is within u…

Your Body & Behaviour

Thank you to Dr Robert Clarke, Chiropractor with Elan Family Wellness Centre in Bowness, Calgary, for his thoughts on how Behaviour and Your Body are connected. 
Building on our discussion on Structure last month, we now look at Behaviour. How you act, behave, and move affect your structure and how you feel. When you do things that feel rewarding or that you enjoy, notice how you hold your body and how you feel. What you will notice is that you have better posture, stand taller and are more open hearted. You will feel good. So notice how you respond and bring this feeling and openness to other activities. Pay attention to the increase in your productivity, your overall feeling of satisfaction and joy that it brings to what you are doing. This increases your energy from neutral or low to an energy rich state.
The more you pay attention to how you move your body and how it affects how you feel and how you hold your body, the easier it becomes to shift towards a more enjoyable state. You w…

Behaviour by Scott

Thanks to Scott Hutchison, Registered Massage Therapist with us at Elan Family Wellness Centre in Bowness, for these thoughts on how to apply behaviour in your life! 
Do you ever find yourself stuck on the sofa with a list in your hand and no energy to do it? Have you ever had a problem that seemed so big that there was no way even to start it? Have you ever felt trapped trying to come up with a plan, but seem to chase your tail finding the correct “right” way? This is me... all the time. With some of you, this will resonate. For me, it's like a sledgehammer.
So, how does one break out of this mess? I find myself struggling with the above a lot, however, I have a different awareness over the last few years. You see, if I start from a structure or a feeling before I do a behaviour, my energy drops and nothing happens. But.... If I do something productive, almost anything productive, my confidence grows, my ability to think clears and my superpowers of strategy emerge. Presto... I fin…

Behaviour-Triad of Change

We're in the middle of our Triad of Change series-this is when we learn about how we most effectively make change in our life and how to be in an energy rich state. If you've seen our posters for “Three Mistakes that Entrepreneurs Make with their Health”, that's what we share.
What's the Triad of Change? That's whether we like STRUCTURE best in our life (or as a lead), PERCEPTION (that's coming up in November), or BEHAVIOUR-that's our actions and physical movements. Behaviour is not my favorite. As we finish up September, which has been a very busy month with lots of new schedules, new activities, new transitions and quite short on free time, I will require a brief pause (that's Perception) before jumping into a new month!
I've thought perhaps that I can use Behaviour as that pause. When I need a short escape, I can take a walk outside to see the changing colors and to see new projects in the community-there's always a new house going up somewhe…