The Fall

It's one of those judgment days of our life today and our life past.  

We just survived pre-Valentine's Day dinner.  Scott was leaving town so our little family went out on the 13th, after a full afternoon of the two of them at the movie, with popcorn and snacks.  

Dinner out usually ends up being sushi.  Or Vietnemese.  However, the 5 year old in our house thought the pizza, pasta and make your own sundae on the TV commercials place would be the best choice.  

Did I mention I'm semi-almost fully gluten free for half a month now?  I've had my share of gluten free pasta and pizza lately.  Not that I'm the one to worry about.  I ate the meat-veggie-rice option.  Followed by dessert, but again, I wasn't the problem.  

For Scarlett, the pizza probably wasn't the problem, or the fries, but add on a sundae to that with caramel and m&m's... 5 minutes after dinner finished, there was that look of panic and complete unease, followed by 20 minutes in the washroom.  Nothing like holding your daughter's hair out of her face as she stands over a public toilet.  

She actually said the words..It must have been too much sugar... As she's purging in the women's washroom.  Hugging the public toilet.  Ewww.  

I had a distant memory of a friends child around the same age, complaining about a sore tummy and saying, it must have been the donut... This was years ago, and my thought then was that one little donut would not throw her so out of balance.  Sure.  

I'm happy with those little words, it must have been the sugar.  She knows she can have some, but too much wrecks havoc.  The Valentine's Day that will be forever marked in our memory.  

And I'm happy with the other words, Next time, let's go for sushi.  


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