Scott's Refining the Model

Kapow! It's March. For the last 3 days I have been trying to clear my head enough to get some of the most powerful things I can share into this Newsletter/Blog. How do you put the feeling of agitation into words? Not... anger.... but an incredible longing, buzz, or high pitched squeal. Something so incredible that you cannot put it into words without softening it. How can you? It's like trying to describe the colour red to a blind person – words are inadequate for the job. I've been asked to talk about appreciation but something bigger and much more important to me is on my mind right now.

As a health practitioner, I have long thought that restoring someone to their pre-symptomatic state was the goal. To move them from pain back to normal. To return them to their daily lives. A person would come in with XYZ, I'd treat them and then have them go away, returned to normal. Some time later, they would return with ABC, and we would work on that. Again I'd get them back on their feet and feeling normal. This should sound familiar... It's the foundation of most models in our modern life. Something is wrong... you go find someone and get it fixed. For a lot of people the idea of normal is a place they are stuck in. They feel they have okay lives, with jobs that they just barely show up for, relationships that are just okay, family's that are just getting by... This is in their idea of “normal”. To be “energy neutral”. Okay, as long as nothing ever happens. The same as it ever was. This is the goal of restorative therapeutics.... To get you back to “normal”

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been re-introduced to a concept that I had shoved under the carpet and placed in the back seat of my own “normal” life. It's the concept of Re-Organizational Healing (ROH).

I will attempt to put this down as clearly as I can. ROH is the concept that the symptom – the hurt, pain, or the massive disturbances in one's life – is there to make you pay attention. The symptom is not a mistake, it is meant to be there to gather your attention and understanding in a way that change, and a graduation to a new level of consciousness, must take place. In doing so, the systems and patterns that propagated the symptom (in a body or a life) are no longer served or considered valid. ROH uses the symptom as a catalyst and a lesson point.

With ROH we need to fully immerse in it... to be with it. For in lies the key to healing, not just the symptom but, a person's life. We Re-Organize to a new plane. We step it up. The body, life, or situations now become something new and the old no longer applies. The “it” no longer plays a part... it is now below our new energetic state.

Sometimes we just need to get back to normal. To restore: Recharge and get back out there. Our life is not that bad. It's consistent and pays the bills. It make us happy. It allows us to be comfortable. We are normal and at that state of “energy neutral” again. When we have a bad day – we become sick, we get hit by another car or we just get a bad cold – we slip to sub-normal, “energy poor”. We do it all over again... We are back in with XYZ, we get restored.

What if we were able to reorganize our life to a new level of “energy rich” – to beyond our normal, to become “super” – then took a look around and decided that normal was not going to cut it. In an “energy rich” state the old normal would not exist and the old patterns would not take hold. Our new dynamics, our new empowered self, our new ways of conduct would reign and life would take on a very new presentation. We have a new level of what is acceptable, a new standard.

How does Elan fit in? We use healing technologies that, on the surface, look and feel (to someone new) like restorative methods. They have that quality by design to be accessible to your average person -- it meets them at their level of entry (“Energy neutral” or “energy poor”). But in reality, at Elan, Network Spinal Analysis (NSA Chiropractic) and Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI/12 Stages Of Healing) are purely Re-Organizational Health models. ASTT, Massage and TCM/Acupuncture are very supportive of ROH, but do not have a complete world view of all the levels necessary to achieve Re-Organization (I am speaking from 9 yrs of Massage and 8yrs of ASTT work). Having seen the depth of NSA and SRI, I can tell you... they operate with a completely different lens of the human body and human condition. Why so different? Because the end results are intended to be different. The ascension of the human in all areas to a higher level. That, my dear reader, beats the pants off of just getting back to “normal”!


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