CRAVEfuel Event-Identity:See Yourself Like Others See You

Elan had the opportunity to host our March CRAVEfuel event, with the topic of Identity.  

We had two wonderful presenters-Gemma Stone and Jennifer Powter and had the chance to chat about our own business identity and how to be congruent in how others see us.  

The key to the evening was how do we bring Authenticity to our business?  Whether it is our passion for our work, an incredibly specific customer group, being comfortable in how we present ourselves in our work place, allowing our feminine energy to show up in the workplace, or sharing our background through writing and social media, we all have many opportunities to show our authentic selves.  

Our presenters have such an amazing background:  Gemma is a psychologist, coach, speaker, guide and retreat leader.  Her popular programs are Birthing From Love and the Great Life Redesign.  What a great way to literally birth a new being, or birth a new you!  Gemma shared how she went through a redesign to create more authenticity in her business.  At the core of her business is Love, so an example of one of the questions she used was, What would love look like?   

Jennifer is a weight loss and fitness expert and life coach.  Part of our journey may be re-creating who we are as we move between different phases of life-such as from motherhood to growing our business.  While we may not always see the entire path ahead of us, sometimes it is most important to keep our focus on the small goal right in front of us that we can accomplish with the most ease.  

Why is there a picture of food?  

Apparently the food is as much a part of who I am as my office...  At Elan (or ME and the rest of us!, when it comes down to it),  we do aim for congruency and authenticity.  A big part of why I wanted to start blogging/ writing was to share that we (our family) is also on this path towards greater health & wellness, reorganizing our life to a new level, making more conscious choices, and keeping congruent in personal and work life.  Hence, inside the polished apple- a behind the scenes look at us in progress!  

Perhaps it is a small thing, but I made a couple raw desserts for our evening- to show healthy options can still be a treat!  Here's the one recipe for the (amazing!) coconut chocolate balls.  

1 3/4 c. coconut
3 t. coconut oil

Process until butter (you could always buy coconut butter, but this is easy)

3 T Maple Syrup
2T Coconut Milk
1/2 t vanilla
1/8 t salt.

Process again.  Shape into balls.  Refrigerate.  

Melt chocolate (1/4 c) with small amount of coconut oil.  


Whether its our job, our workshops and retreats, our products, our spaces, ourselves, or our food.... its worth a look to see.  Are you showing up authentically?  Or what one thing can you do tomorrow to bring a little more authenticity to what you do?  


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