Mandala Pies

I am considering a new hobby.  For now, I would like to share a few pretty pictures of Mandala Pies.  

The first one was created by Julia Corbett-author and Raw Dessert Goddess.  I enjoyed taking her class offered at the Light Cellar a couple of weeks ago.  I now have lots of raw cookie, square, and pie recipes up my sleeve.    

These two little pies are ones I made!  With almond crusts, one has a cream filling (cashew nuts) and one has a raw cacao filling.  They have healing herbs added, and are decorated with rose petals, lavender, goji berries, grapes, and cacao beans.

Definitely a hobby that I could support.  

Healthy food, aesthetically pleasing, good to eat, fun to share, with a little meditative creative time thrown in.  

One last share- isn't this the most amazing and professional teaching kitchen that they have at the Light Cellar in Bowness.  I felt like we could have been on TV!  

I'm getting excited to clean my kitchen counter so I can make some healthy goodies for the holiday season.  Wonder if my family will know the difference?  


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