Creative Diversion-Wool Felting

Did you know that there are health benefits to being creative?  

I just happened on a Huffington post article that linked to:  Make More Art.  The health benefits of being creative vary from improved immune health, to decreased stress and anxiety, to less depression.  Never mind that it is fun, counts as a mindful meditation in my world, and you get to make unique pieces.  

I've been on a creative splurge lately-everything from baking (or non baked food items), jewellery & Christmas ornaments, scrapbooking, photo selection and editing, to my next favourite project.... Wool felting!  

I attended a workshop this past weekend held at the Calgary Waldorf School where we made a scarf using a Wet Felting Technique.  Silk chiffon, merino wool... how could you go wrong?  We essentially sandwiched 2 layers of wool around a thin silk material, soaked it in hot water and dish soap, pressed it, rolled it 1600 times, and voila, one beautiful scarf. If I make more, I may include some step-by-step directions, but for now, I am no expert and am only here to share my beautiful creation.  

(As an aside: this project has the "creative-make-art-benefits", but rolling a wet scarf 1600 times is also equivalent to at least an upper body weight workout at the gym.  Physical and emotional benefits.)

I love the textures, colour, and warmth.  My scarf has some small imperfections, but I think it is still worthy of admiration!  

I asked Mikaela to model it for me:  

For better health, may we all find some beautiful art to make this week.  And Etsy-here I come!  


  1. wow beautiful scarf, unleash the creativity

  2. It is a beautiful scarf! Nice to know you got a physical and creative workout!


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