39 Days

Here is my leading-up-to-my-birthday project, 39 Days of 39 Years Old.  I've started the countdown to 40.  

I have a lot of people celebrating milestones in my life recently.  It seems I know I lot of people born in 74, and other years ending in a 4.  All those birthdays ending in a "0"; big wedding anniversaries, work birthdays (just wait... we'll be 10 soon!).  It's been fun to see what people think of.  Parties (such as Scott with his bouncy castle...), trips, birthday months, collecting money for charity, having others commit to random acts of kindness.  Starting goals, giving up bad habits, picking new intentions.  So many great ideas.  

I had a challenge thinking of what I wanted to do to mark this day.  Its the first birthday that I feel a lot of unease about, and am still hoping that the day I turn 40 will bring more comfort and excitement and me embracing the wisdom of my days ;)  

I'm not ready to end any habits at the moment-I'm finding my new found gluten free diet is still working through my body.  I don't want to add anything radically different in-at this moment-and the thought of 39 days straight of something new was too much of a commitment.  Yes, I would LOVE how I'd feel 39 days after doing yoga daily, or SRI daily, or add in any new habit... but not now.  What I already do is enough.  (That's a big sentence for me-maybe the 40 year old wisdom is kicking in.)

I thought about collecting for a charity, but we do that a few times every year at the office, and don't you guys just need a break from that, and me not asking again!  Same with random acts of kindness-just do them!  without my reasons.  I'm guess I'm saying I wanted to mark this event without a lot of organizing and planning and make it effortless.  That effort and planning is now all done.   

Which leads me right back to a project that I've done before.  I enjoyed it, its not my idea, it takes only minutes a day, but will give me a little space to reflect on whatever I want-what was perfect in my first 39 years, maybe a few lessons that were perfect as well, some gifts, accomplishments, loves, hobbies, travels... we'll see what comes of this.  I get to feed my introverted self, my creative self, and my restful self.  

I will have more coming on my first 40 days of being 40 that I'm sensing will involve some quiet time every day in my life (such as that 5 am meditation but probably not at 5 am), and I think I will be ready by then.  

Now I'll get ready to celebrate my birthday month...June really is the best month for a birthday!  


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