Scott's Thoughts: Structure

It's Structure month at Elan... Thanks Scott for some thoughts on this topic! 

To be blunt... I have a love/hate relationship with structure in my life. I know that from a top down view, the structures that I put in place can be too over detailed when I sink down into creation mode. Meaning, I overdo it on the thinking/design phase and never get to the doing phase, because I don't know when to quit thinking/designing and never feel like it's complete or good enough. I've touched on this before in other posts, but it has to do with the Triad Of Change and how I feel I am wired up.
That said, I know that if I start with a behaviour... any behaviour, from writing a sentence to doing the dishes or taking a shower, that motion drives a spark and it flows into good thoughts and poof... a structure happens. 
Structures come into reality because I have certainty of the outcome and I have attained enough energy to the system I am working with: my body, a task, or a question. This is huge and much more effective in my life than spinning my wheels planning planning planning. I need doing first then feeling then planning. It may seem backwards and strange... but that kinda sums me up.

Now, some of you know about the ENERGYRICHDAY I have designed for Saturday October 14th. Energy Rich Day is a “Full day of extraordinary speakers, vendors and workshops dedicated to helping you embody and increase energy to the system of your life.”  With tons of help, WE have brought together a collection of awesome people (just like you) who happen to have extraordinary mastery in areas that many struggle. Wouldn't it be nice to meet and know someone local that has taken an area like Money or Fitness or even Parenting to an elegantly simple, energy rich system that you can understand and adopt? This is a valuable opportunity to balance your wheel of life, seek new quality questions and find answers all in one place. Imagine, $20 dollars for an all day pass could change the course of your life, your family's dynamic and the community you live in. Do your future-self a favour and buy two tickets and bring a friend.


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