Thanks to Dr Robert Clarke, chiropractor with us at Elan Family Wellness Centre, for this article on warmth. 

I recently had the pleasure of spending time in Mexico and felt the warmth of the tropical sun. What was even more enjoyable was the warmth of the Mexican people. As soon as they would hear I was from Canada their smiles widened, they would say how much they loved Canadians. It was tangible, you could feel their affection.

Even though we live in cold weather climate, warmth is something I feel Canadians naturally display. When I travel I am proud to say I am Canadian, when I do, it almost always brings out an openness and a desire to share more of themselves.

We all have the opportunity to be more open, share our warmth. Don’t wait until you are traveling to warmly share who you are. One simple thing to do that will help you do this is let your breath expand. When relaxed our breath should travel the full length of our spines, tailbone to skull. When your breath is fully open your nervous system and body are more respective and dynamic, you are less likely to respond out of habit. This allows the potential for dynamic, open, and warm relationships with other people and with the world around you.
~ Dr. Rob


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