While I Was Away

We all disappear at some point don't we?

While I haven't been away from the office TOO much, time seems to have disappeared.  I've had a busy month with practice members and squeezing training into every spare moment.  This is exciting information to come! 

But out of the office... in the past 5 weeks I have had 3 birthday parties (out of town that is, and I think there were one or two additional ones here), an upcoming wedding, a training seminar in Ottawa, a community garage sale, end of year picnics and dinner, and will have spent an estimated 40 hours of highway driving.  

So patience with me at the moment!  I am well aware of the lure of being busy, and have to say it has not been only busy but productive time as well.  I am dreaming of staying put for a bit and having a weekend with much space.   

That or perhaps find a log cabin in the woods with some wifi?  

The good news, the garden is up and flowers are blooming; our family adjusts and adapts, and summer is only 9 days away!  


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