A Pause, A Celebration

Words on Celebration to mark our Theme in December (also published in our monthly newsletter) 

A pause, a celebration.

Our school just celebrated the start of advent. A quiet evening where we are invited to go inward and walk a beautiful evergreen spiral to light our candle from the central light. A time to slow down as the holiday approaches, reflect on what we have in our life, finding light in the darkness and preparing ourselves for these longest nights of the year.

Our family raced into the weekend, raced through it, and then carved some time to make it to advent celebration. My daughter raced through the spiral. Partly nerves, and also a reflection of our general speed in life. Uh oh! Life has been busy and very full for us. We celebrate that we have such full lives and that we have many opportunities lately with work, family, school and community. And now it's also time for a pause.

We've created events this month at Elan to help you create space for celebration, such as our Birthday celebration on Friday, December 2nd and Women, and Wellness on Tuesday, December 13th. We want to celebrate you as a practice member and celebrate your health successes. When we take this time to pause and reflect on the amazing and rich experiences we have, it helps us to own and embody them. This pause and celebration will help to ensure we all will have more successes in the future and 2017.

~ Dr. Josephene


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