Celebrate Your Life

Celebration is our Theme for December~ Thanks to Dr Rob for these words to help us celebrate! (also published in our Elan monthly newsletter) 

Celebrate your life. This task is relatively easy when things are going your way. When challenges come up it becomes more difficult. Think back to the times in the past when you had challenges: How much did you learn and grow during those times? Times of adversity make us stronger, it's easy to reflect and see the blessing that our journey has brought us. Learning how to bring that into present time consciousness takes practice. The better you develop this skill the more quickly you grow and the easier it is to celebrate life every day, knowing that today is a building block for your future.

So celebrate the amazing people in your life and the blessings that come your way. Cultivate the practice of seeing the gifts in the people who trigger you, the mistakes you make and bumps in the road. They are your greatest teachers.

I celebrate Donald Trump. I don’t like how and who he is, yet he has brought to the surface latent racism and sexism to the point that it is being talked about in the media at unprecedented levels. Here is an opportunity for us to tackle these important issues. If we all take this opportunity, his crude and obnoxious behavior can be a springboard for moving forward in powerful and progressive ways. 

~Dr. Rob


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