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It is that time-we're about to get carried away with school, kid's schedules, and events available at every opportunity! With school starting after Labour Day, I'm beating the rush this year and have started-a la Pinterest bullet journal style-a Habits Tracker. I have projects and habits that keep falling away in my to-do list and memory and thought the easiest way to establish them was with a visual tracking system. This was a plan to establish new habits, or track the ones I hit and miss with-so you're not going to see “Feed kids. Pick up kids. Shower.” I've got those ones down. September is all about Structure and Routines, so here's my next 30'ish day plan. Every time I complete an item, I get to mark it down!

Top of my list was to incorporate Morning Rituals. For me this means starting the day in gratitude, visualizing my day, and creating some routine and rituals to energize this and stick to it. Most of the inspiration has come from Tim Ferriss' book Tools of Titans. I want to play with these 6 things so I can see what I like, and what I may change in the future. These 6 things are: Make Bed; SRI or Meditate; “Prime” 5-10 rep's of something physical; Ritual Drink/ Food (think fatty acids, protein, energizing); Gratitudes; and Visualizing.

One of my challenges has been my Health and Home. By tracking something, I tend to complete it more often, so I will be completing Strength Training, Cardio (not to necessarily be done the same day), Home and Financial Honouring.

Notice that I'm slipping in a few healthy habits to be part of the regular schedule-I have SRI (breath work) indicated daily, as well as some physical support. If I wasn't already ROUTINE about getting chiropractic entrainments weekly, I would put that in there too!

My office and family/ home life schedule switches from day to day (morning or afternoon), so I'm not tied to WHEN something gets completed, although if I want to move it into my daily schedule, that is an option. This way I can ensure that I am including time for all of the above-work, family, home, personal... I've colour coded my different areas, and as I move into the work zone, I wanted to ensure that I was including time for entrainments (with practice members), for writing/ blogging, marketing, management, projects and finances.

To make sure I still have FUN-I have a create section, personal projects, and yoga time. The create is largely where I have more fun with the kids, including crafts and baking, and the kids can be included in a lot of the areas listed above. You know, haul them out to the office trade show...

For evenings, I included a few wrap-up projects like fold laundry and food prep. Most importantly, I mainly wanted to make sure that we CELEBRATED a win each day. Not pictured, I added a date night with my husband as that was glaringly missing. 

Many of the items I've included may be a daily item, and there's also a number that may only be 1-2 times per week. I'm being flexible with this tracker. What I'd love to know is, do people who bullet journal really write and draw these out routinely? It's a little bit fun, and so much work! 

I would love to see how you track things like this or what suggestions you may have! 


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