Baby Brain

As part of Elan Family Wellness Centre's Brain Month, we're happy to have this guest blog post from our Reflexologist Sandra Catania.  This fun read was previously published in our May Newsletter.  

When I first heard the topic for this month, I had to laugh. After spending the past five years either pregnant and/or caring for babies (read: not getting much sleep), I definitely subscribe to the idea that "pregnancy brain" can last a very long time. This condition is described with words like "brain fog", "absentmindedness", "forgetful", "short term memory loss". New moms and moms-to-be may even experience spelling and grammatical errors.

After consulting with my friend google, it would appear that there are just as many articles disproving the fact that "Momnesia" exists as there are proving it. And what does it matter? I say if you are experiencing any of these symptoms, pregnant or not, it probably means that you could use a little break and some self care. Take a walk (in nature if you can, the higher percentage of negative ions will recharge you), book yourself in for a treatment, have a bath! Maybe you will realize that what you were trying to remember isn't that important after all, compared to the miracle you are creating and nurturing. 

As a sticker on my hall mirror reminds me daily, "Moms need naps too!"

Make taking care of you a priority. Your brain (and your kids) will thank you for it.

Now where on Earth did I leave my glasses??


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