We came home from Prague with a bit of an obsession....


It started when we bought tickets to see the marionette version of Don Giovanni when we were in Prague. Real theatre with four foot tall marionettes!

Then it grew as every path from our apartment to any attraction walked us right by a marionette shop. Some were made in Czech Republic, some were probably made in China. Soccer players, presidents, princesses and witches-all with strings attached to animate them.

The first marionette we bought was the momento "doll" to add to the collection. But then she became the daily entertainment back at the apartment.

Next there was a request for a marionette for dad. No.

But we did buy a couple more for gifts to take back home. Of course, we bought them from a little old stooped over lady from some tucked away shop. Czech language only of course.

The dolls all travelled well home and found themselves in their respective homes. One string repair so far.

Now we have regular performances from the original doll, and some modified stuffies. We've attempted making a clay marionette. The library has kindly provided two books with instructions for marionette making and stories to go with them. The possibilities are endless.

A perfect passion in my eyes-dolls and storytelling, imagination and tradition. A Waldorf worthy pursuit.


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