Gearing Up for an August Routine

As part of Elan Family Wellness Centre's August theme of Gearing Up, here's my own article covering a gentle routine for August.  
Whether we are excited by the soon return of fall's routines, or sad about the end of the summer warmth, we can use August to bridge between both. Just as your family may be settling into summer, our thoughts turn to back to school and work.
August is the perfect time to make sure we are fitting in our relax-time and prepping for life with a routine. Routines can be good for all of us, especially the little ones in our lives. It may even help to overcome some of the “I'm bored...” you've been hearing. During these last few weeks of summer and holidays, how about considering adding a morning and evening routine to your summer as a transition? (perhaps for those not already working or in a regular routine).
Start by picking a consistent wakeup time and 1-2 important things you want to complete each day- If its important to you to exercise and write everyday then an example... 7am wakeup; breakfast and/ getting ready for the day; 5-10 minutes pre-viewing the day ahead & any goals/ your focus; then 8-9am outside or exercise time (adult or kid-its fun to walk in the grass or dirt!) 9-10am reading/ writing/ practice time/ etc. We'll all have our own things we want to work on-what is most important to you? (exercise, health, meditation, gardening, friends/ family...)
Schedule one outing or activity in the afternoon, and after lunch, dinner, snacks, you're done until evening! Its a perfect time to check off items on that summer bucket list-parks to see; local drives or farms to check out; crafts to make, new activities like tennis or rock climbing... We've been loosely following this ditty: Make It Mondays (building things or crafts), Trip Tuesday; Wet Wednesday (beaches, spash parks, pools, sprinklers, Thinking Thursday (museums, science-y things); Friend Friday. Thanks Facebook and Blogging World!
Your activity could be as simple as TEA.  It is highly underrated and adds enormous value as a simple daily ceremony to prepare for and then sit down and enjoy tea together.  It must be enjoyed in the garden though.  
In the evening after dinner, focus on a regular routine. An example for the kiddo's can be dinner, bath, pick out clothes or pack for activity the next day; snack; stories and bed. If you have the downtime after the house is asleep-is there a project or hobby you want to complete? Many of us are worrying about the bedtime changes to come, and it may be more realistic to change bedtime by only 15-30 minutes per week!
Keep it a simple routine and keep it at the forefront of your brain-write it down so you can focus on it; make it enjoyable; and log your progress (stars on the calendar perhaps?).  Sounds boring perhaps, but try it first before you protest.  
When making your routines, it is good to consider if you and your children are introverted/ extroverted to make sure everyone gets the down time or social time they thrive on; and do you or them prefer spending time with others or alone time working on projects or tasks? Knowing this information will help to keep your days more enjoyable.
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  1. Josephene,
    I love the routine you have set up for your family. I love routines - or a plan - too. I find if we totally wing it, nothing happens and decisions are hard to make. We we do have a routine, we're very flexible about changing it but at least we have something in place so things happen.

    I agree that agree that generally, children do well with structure and knowing what's doing on. It's easier to transition them when they know what's going to be happening and when.

    This was a great article and I love the details you provided.

    Happy August!


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