Switching Gears & Surviving

As part of our Switching Gears month, here is a post from our Holistic Reflexologist Sandra Catania:

I was excited for this month's topic and was planning my portion when disaster struck.

So very quickly, "switching gears" became not about having some time off to have a holiday or a trip but to actually go from a normal existence to one hanging by a thread.

I actually left Calgary on Monday last week and have been staying in Fairmont, BC with my two children for the past seven nights. The original plan was to stay three nights and return on Thursday but as the weather and road reports worsened, we decided to stay put.

Friday was quite surreal here in the Valley (Radium, Invermere, Windermere and Fairmont), when talks of the gas stations being low on fuel began to circulate.

I left the kids with my friend who had joined us with her two children, and set off to "get supplies". I wasn't sure just how long we would need to prepare for and to be truthful, I let myself get caught up in the panic and fear of those around me.

The line up at the gas station was about 10 cars deep, and I was thankful to a woman who let me know to go to the other side as there was only premium or diesel left.

There was nervous chatter about the flood in both the gas station store and the two grocery stores I went into, on my quest to acquire what I "guesstimated" our little party of 6 need for the next while.

Arriving back at our accommodation I felt relieved that I now had gas in the tank and enough food & drink to last us at least a few days (if not 2 weeks). The roads in both directions are out, so there was no rush now to get anywhere.

We are now on day 8 of our mountain adventure, having checked out of our vacation condo and into the unoccupied cottage of a friend.

Safe and sound. Warm and dry.

We will be fed, we will have a roof over our heads for the nights to come.

This is what switching gears into survival mode looks like. These are things that I will never take for granted , ever again.

Thankful and so grateful for the generosity of friends and the people of this Valley. It has been a soft place to land for us until the worst has passed.
Then, home to help with the clean up.

Love you Calgary!


  1. Josephene, that must have been a scary time for you. I'm glad you had your children and some friends around. Welcome back!


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