Hemp Hearts for Health

We have a fun referral prize for the month of June- a basket of Hemp products from Rocky Mountain Grain Products, a company based out of Lethbridge, Alberta.  

To tie this to July's theme of community... here it goes.  At Elan Family Wellness Centre, our business is built by people like you through referrals, and you are helping to build our office as a community wellness care centre.  And in turn, building our community at Elan!  

We are also surrounded by many amazing local businesses, and we aim to share their information when we can and when appropriate.  This local business that we are focusing on today approached Scott and offered some samples.  We are able to both review the products and share with you!  

As it turns out, we love not just the products but also their business!  

Some facts about their product & hemp hearts:

  • 30% protein (31g per 100g sample)
  • 50% fat (high amount of essential fatty acids with the ideal omega 6 to omega 3 ratio) (51g of fat per 100 g sample)
  • all 20 amino acids, including the 9 essential amino acids that our bodies don't produce.  
  • excellent for digestive health and immune health
  • This company also offers reduced fat flakes, hemp hearts powder, oils, salad dressings, and "more than a square meal" bars.  
  • We have lots of information, a detailed fact sheet, and an analysis at the office for those seeking more information!  

How did we do adding this to our diet?  

I added the hemp hearts to my breakfast yogurt and granola and chia.  I found that I had more sustained energy, when prior I had been looking for more food about an hour after eating.  

I swapped the hemp oil for olive oil in some hummus-I couldn't tell the difference but I mentally felt healthier!  (and no complaints from the 5 year old!)

The chocolate "more than a square meal"-delicious!  A piece was perfect for the after gym snack, or when craving something sweet.  

I have yet to add this to my smoothies, but I think the powder or flakes would be smooth to drink.  Scott has been adding the hemp hearts to his morning shake.  

Mikaela added the hemp hearts flakes to muffins she was making and was happy with the results and thought they were more moist and tasty!  

Good luck to you in winning this nutritious basket of goodies!  All practice members referring a new patient to the office in the month of June have been or will be added to the draw!  


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