Gratitude & Priming

Scott's Thoughts: Gratitude in November~ it's perception month at Elan Family Wellness Centre! Thanks to Scott Hutchison, Registered Massage Therapist at our office (and founder of Energy Rich Day!!) for this information on Gratitude and Priming. 

And swoosh... November has blown in for it's yearly visit. As we start to shiver and wonder where our wonderful summer went, it's a great time to look back early and say thanks for an amazing year! Around our neck of the planet, we shoot for a daily practice of Gratitude.
A study was once done around effect of external stimulus on the emotional preconception of our environment. Shortly, something as simple as temperature (even brief but extreme exposure) could have lasting emotional colouring in ones day. Knowing this trick of the mind and body, we can hack our day to look for opportunities of gratitude. Imagine taking just 10 minutes to set your nervous system and brain/body antenna to tune into areas in your life to feel gratitude for others. We set the computer of our being to tune into this perception and to omit, delete, or even simply overlook that which takes us out of that state of gratitude. (Side note: this process takes practice. Like anything... you need to put in the work but as you practice anything, it becomes easier.)
The process I like to use is called Priming. Tony Robbins uses this system, therefore I use this system. I could take the rest of this newsletter to explain it... or you can follow this simple video. It will tune you to Gratitude and you will be happy to see how long it will last into your day! (Josephene and I do it first thing... most days.)
~ Scott


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