Heritage Day

Thank you to Dr Robert Clarke, Chiropractor at Elan Family Wellness Centre in Bowness, for this article on Heritage Day and our ancestral patterns. 

As we work towards improving ourselves and our lives, we often come up against some of our old patterns. Ideally we break through those patterns and emerge as a better version of ourselves. The wisdom gained in this process feeds our natural desire to expand and grow.
On other occasions we fall into our old patterns. This can be and often is frustrating. We all have our patterns that we have developed, many things we do automatically, ride a bike, tie a shoe or cook amazing meals, relay on using the patterns that serve us. Just as we have these great patterns, we also have many that don’t sever us. Often we develop strategies to survive during stressful times in our lives. Unfortunately there is a big difference between survival strategies and thriving ones. Not only are there patterns that we develop in our own lives, we also need to consider the patterns passed on in a family generation to generation. Then there are cultural and historical patterns that influence our expression of who we are, physically, emotionally, culturally and socially. It’s not surprising that when we begin to make changes in our lives, we will come up against some of these patterns.
So as we celebrate Heritage Day, open to the awareness that as you work on yourself, you are functionally working on all those connected to you at the same time. As we learn to shift our own patterns and become more functional with the mosaic patterns from our past, we are changing all those interconnecting patterns that extend from us moving forward.
Change your world, by changing yourself!



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