Scott's Thoughts on Nutrition (via David Wolfe)

From our May newsletter, Scott's Thoughts on Nutrition (primarily influenced by David Wolfe).  

My wife calls it a man-crush, and that may be very true, but the fact that David Wolfe (nutritional guru, face of the Nutribullet and all around super nice guy) was in town last week compelled me to take action regrading my immediate health and knowledge base.

What kind of action you ask? Well, I had been stuck in my comfort zone of just following him from behind the computer screen, occasionally getting to hear him speak at events around Calgary. So, last weekend at The Seed Event, I made my move to say hello. And I did. It was nice. Josephene describes the encounter as me gushing like a 1950's teenage girl at an Elvis concert.

The following day I was procrastinating on the sofa as to whether or not to attend a talk David was giving at The Light Cellar that night. Mulling it over as I normally do , making excuses as to not take a step. Then suddenly, a post on Facebook saying they were nearly sold out and only a few spaces where left. Fear of loss set in. We have all been at that moment. Do we sit idly by and have opportunity pass or do we take a chance and do something super awesome (but uncomfortable). What to do?

So I went... and this is what I learned. (I am not a nutritional expert, keep that in mind)

Black foods are really important in your diet. Think, if it is black... it is a concentration of power that your body can access. Black olives, black rice, black ant.... just a few examples, but all are very powerful in the human body. Yes... black ant. I tried it... does not taste like chicken. But... scientists postulate that the therapeutic value of medicinal ants may be due in part to their rich content of manganese, zinc, selenium, proteins, carotenoids and vitamin E. This is a lot of nutrition. Black ant was once the food of kings in ancient China.

Raw Cacao (Raw Chocolate) has 15x more anti-oxidants then wild organic blueberries. Super high in Magnesium, A, C and E. Also 28 grams contains 5 grams of protein. That's not too shabby. Hemp Hearts have about 8 grams, but cocoa tastes 200% better. (with some honey) Ancient Mexico sustained civilizations on Cacao and certain algae.

Chaga mushroom is now part of my diet. I boil it up and put it in my daily, sometimes twice daily, “Super Shakes.” (My coffee intake is down to next to nothing) I could go on about Chaga for a few pages, but to bottom line it for you... This is an extremely important mushroom!

Goji Berries: polysaccaride, super protein, vitamin C, iron berry. Super food. Like Cocoa, this berry has many anti-oxidant health benefits but due to the way polysaccharides interact with our good intestinal flora... we get a better blood sugar resonance, inflammation control and another bio available protein source. I'm going to grow them in the backyard this year.

Fats are good. Get lots into your body, because it would protect and nourish your brain. EFA's, 3, 6, 9, butter, coconut oil, olive oils, avocado... you will find these in our house being used daily. What you will not find is margarine. Might as well put plastic on your food if you are eating this. Stick to real fats. I still like butter mind you, don't take my butter.

If you look at your diet, really you are free and you can eat what ever you want. However, your body will eventually tell you that you ate the wrong thing. Maybe not today... but on a long enough timeline, it will let you know. Why not start upgrading the content and concentration of nutrient density in your basic core foods. Proteins, fats and veggies. It's not Rocket Surgery nor is this information hidden.

So yes, David Wolfe is a hero of mine, but I do tend to pay attention when people like him speak. It could be because of his Masters in Nutrition and that he exercises extreme patience with regular folks when he puts his thoughts and opinions into regular English. Or it could be because he is a bit of a celebrity- Steve Jobs was a fan of his. What ever the appeal, his concepts are becoming my concepts as I try out his ideas. It's sinking into my subconscious and bubbling out into my Allergy/Massage practice at Elan and into my own life outside of the clinic and extending the congruences in both. The polished apple on the inside and out.

PS. One of my patients said I look younger since last year. Hmmmm.


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