SEEDS of change

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Guy Kawasaki, David Wolfe, Theoren Fleury and more! What a treat to have them in one place in one day; an even bigger treat to be a part of that day. The SEED event brought together many inspirational speakers- from the subjects of nutrition to personal development to spiritual enlightenment. The day included a marketplace that supported personal and community growth and included us-our very own Elan Family Wellness Centre! We were honored to be part of this day and help to educate participants on Reorganizational Healing and how our forms of care can help our health and wellness.

Dr Adrienne at the Elan Family Wellness booth at the SEED Marketplace

Sandra and Scott hard at work-Reflexology & Muscle Testing

As part of the day, I did manage to hear some of the speakers-I was able to hear both Guy Kawasaki and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar speak. Following are some of the seeds of change that found themselves in my brain...

Guy Kawasaki spoke on the Art of Enchantment. How do we become likeable, trustworthy and create more value in the world? As he said,"How can we be a baker not an eater?".  How do we create, not use?

"Resisting apple is futile!". Know those white ear buds that come with iPhones, ipods?... Do you think they create social proof that people use your product? Do people use the iPhone for its data storage or because it's sleek to hold, nice to look at and intuitive to use? Does this apply to your service or product?  How does your product emotionally appeal to the user?  

Can you make your employees' life more enjoyable? How about just being straight forward and productive for your boss? So many suggestions used common sense and when applied make us an all around better person.

How about the ecosystems involved in your business? For us, this would involve a community of people like our print shop, suppliers, other health professionals we work with, our neighbors, other groups we work or volunteer with.  Do we know what goes on in their life?  Their challenges, interests, values?  

Get the idea? Really, we want to be enchanting in our lives, but the office is only one reflection of who we are.

Switch to another way to being enchanting: How about being focused, calm, and intentional so people are attracted to that energy we hold.  We can do that through meditation. Listening to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, meditation is as essential to us as food, breath, energy, and sleep. If we think we don't have time, we need it. If we're depressed or anxious, we need it. If we think it's not for us because it's against our religion, we need it.

From a non-meditator, the 15 minutes I spent in meditation with this spiritual master, has had an impact on me 3+ days later. I've been able to shift my focus with more ease, I've slept well, I've been more mindful with simple household tasks. Meditation may soon be part of my regular routine.

Do you think it may be as simple as...

Take a deep breath, and smile!  (and repeat)

Two seeds to plant and consider all of the changes that can occur. How can you bring more enchantment to your world? And how can you make the time for even 5-10 minutes of meditation today?


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  2. Yup...meditation...I know I need it, but no idea as to why I don't. Thanks for the reminder of the simplicity. It's going to be my wake up call for the next week as my own personal challenge!

  3. Josephene, it sounds like the SEED event was a big success. Glad to hear to hear you came away with such value.


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