Scott on Perception

It's October and we are on to another important topic at Elan: Perception: a topic that needs to be narrowed down a bit. One way to look at it is how we perceive a situation, our environment and our mindset. Perception can be different from person to person when given the same circumstance. How I perceive a colour or a smell or a taste is based on how my brain interprets data coming in from various bodily systems. Maybe my wiring is different than yours... Maybe Kale tastes awesome to me and like grass to you. Maybe the green and red colours of this newsletter look yellowish and purple to you. We are all different.

However I have noted in the past, when it comes to a task I need to do, my perception of how I am feeling about it will play a giant roll in if it gets done. Referring to the Triad Of Change -- Structure, Perception and Behaviour -- I need solid Behaviour (action) for me to have the other things fall into place. If I sit and stir over how I am going to do something... time will pass. If I wait and see how I feel about a said project... a lot of time will pass. I need massive action to feel better about something. Otherwise, I get hamstrung by my feelings and hijacked to the point of depression and despair.

When things are rolling, however, I feel great and my perception of the world is that of an amazing place of awesomeness. Magically, things fall into place -- Structure. Things revile themselves and all is well -- more good Perception -- and I get the task done and the goals completed.

Again, not everyone is like this. Some people feel great about everything, but get stuck on doing it or setting up a system. Others get their system in place, get tons done on something they feel horrible about, and question it through the whole process.

Part of the goal in September, October and November is helping people discover which facet of the triad is their strongest (builds energy) and which is their weak area (sets a person up for disaster). My strong area is action. My weak area is perception -- and that speaks to my own confidences. I would love to feel great about everything before I do it... but that is not realistic for every day. So... I need to just do things.

Example time: I like to develop my own B&W film at home. It's an amazing skill to develop your own negatives, but I am stuck at the printing my own photos part. I have spent 3 months waiting for the right time, making sure I have the right stuff and conditions. 3 months... waiting and fiddling. I have done it a thousand times in my mind. But as of writing this... no prints have come out of my basement. Therefore... I feel bad and a tension is set up in my body that needs to be quenched. The only answer to release this is to take action and just do it. Then all will be right in the world, things will fall into place and I will have some nice black and white  prints to sell. Simple... good.

Figure out what your strength is on the Triad... then go do that first. The rest will follow.



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