September Changes-Janis's Jottings

As part of Elan's September theme of Structure, here are some thoughts from our Health Coach Janis.  

Spring and fall are natural times of change. The seasonal and temperature changes around us are clear signals of "different-ness". Yet, so commonly, we try to exercise sameness in order to feel accomplished, comfortable and secure.
I once heard that the best time to set New Years Resolutions is in May. And every year, I find that holds true. There is a burst of energy around May 1 as the weather changes and the quality of sunlight and energy around is shift to optimism and renewed growth.
The same is true in reverse for September. Every fall, clients tell me they crave sleep and sugar. Energetically, it is time to slow down and hibernate. So this year, how about you try some Fall Simplification shifts to make the transition feel more comfortable:
1. Eat with the seasons. Fall produce is "heavier:" squashes, and root vegetables, denser greens and less sweet fruits. Eating seasonally will energetically align and prepare you for the change in seasons. Roast potatoes, add grilled onions or grated beets to kale salads, mash squashes and enjoy apples cooked or raw.
2. Simplify your house. Pack up spring and summer things (clothes, kids toys, vacation books and maps, etc) and put them away. Simplify your day to day living space so that you can swap in your fall and winter items. Get in the habit of doing a changeover every Spring and Fall and it will be easy: pre-label clear plastic tubs and assign a storage area. Use the changeover to rid your home of broken, unwanted or out of style/sized clothes and other items. Have one bin set aside for donations and one for repair so the process is streamlined.
3. Renew yourself with something new. With a return to routine, the time immediately after a break is a great time to find excitement in a new hobby, activity, exercise or friend. What is one thing you have always wanted to do or try? Set a date in September to have fun and check that item off your life's list.
4. Simplify your to do list. What are the top three most important priorities in your life? And are you allocating appropriate time to them? Fall is a good time to reflect on how much time we are spending checking email or consuming media...simplify some of these extraneous tasks in favor of spending time on one of your three priorities. Now is the time you are setting the stage for your winter habits and its easier to change when the sun is still shining!
5. Focus on your health. Seasonal change can beget illness, so renew your efforts with your health and fitness practitioners to ensure a healthy and happy fall.
Happy September.


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