September Structure

Have you had a chance to take a deep breath in?

Have you gotten the kids back to school?  Did you finish buying their backpacks, new school shoes and clothes, school supplies, ballet shoes (what?!  just us?), and squeezed in a back to school haircut?  

Have you coordinated the upcoming fall between adult's and kid's schedules and figure it may all just fit?  Do you have Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays all planned out?  

Have you printed your summer holiday memories?  Planned for next year's summer break, because you didn't find you had enough time at the perfect beach escape?  

Are you ready for fall?  Excited because its a brand new start to the year, just like when you were back in school?  Maybe you have a class you're attending yourself, or have your new workout routine at the gym all ready to go.  And the gym shoes and water bottle are packed.  

If I'm giving you a panic attack now, I'm going to guess that you may resist structure, and may not lead with structure as a strength.  Or you LOVE structure, but won't love it until every little thing is in place.  

It's a topic we've introduced before, but let's have a little chat about the Triad of Change, a theory of Dr. Donald Epstein.  You can hear him describe the Triad of Change by clicking here!  To quote from the Reorganizational Healing website  "The Triad of Change is the central focus of the map around which the other elements of reorganization occur. The premise of the triad is simple: All change includes structure, behavior, and perception. Plainly stated, for each structure, there is an accompanying behavior and perception; for each behavior, there is a structure and a perception; and, for each perception, there are certain structures and behaviors that define and support it." 

We've chosen to focus on Structure this month and plan to touch on Perception and Behaviour in October and November.  Structure can mean schedules as I've mentioned above.  Structure can be our body, our posture, relationships, businesses, our way of sequencing events, our consciousness... This thing happens, and then this other thing happens.  I see this person at this time, and this group of people this evening.  

As I understand it, in the Triad of Change, one of the sides will be how we lead in our life, one will be our energy, and one will be our drain. If we try to lead with our drain, it takes us down the path of frustration and possible failure.  

For September, with our office theme of Structure, you are about to hear about ways to create new routines and allocate your time.  If it doesn't jive with you, I'd suggest two things: 1.  Just take action and do the things you need to do. or 2. Make a list about why these things are important in your life, for yourself, your health, your family, your kids education...  That's the easiest way I can help you bridge this month!  If Structure is your drain, make that the last of the three things to focus on.  

Otherwise, welcome to September!  I'd love to hear how you use structure in your back to fall planning!  


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