Create Your Amazing Year

We're over three weeks in to the New Year.  How are those resolutions going? 

I found this lovely workbook-and I have no affiliate links because I did not have the patience to go through the steps to apply-but I'm loving it.  I only started working in it last week, but I hope you all can find some similar way to inspire you.  It's working for me because I've been craving art and journaling and getting messy in my planning for my visions and goals, and whether I finish the book or not isn't even my concern. I'm enjoying the process of it.  (I'm not here to talk about the book, but its download-able, or on Amazon).  

Then I had a meeting last night with my Crave Calgary Women's group and we talked all about visions.  I left with the knowing that even if our vision isn't written down, just the knowing and the clarity of it can guide many of your decisions.  One speaker said that her vision and goals aren't tangibly out there, but every decision is guided by her head, heart and gut.  

We do know our direction.  I agreed with her when I think that our office exists to help and empower individuals and families in discovering and creating their vision of health through NSA Chiropractic.  Learning new ways and strategies to do life. Becoming a source for families caught up in the struggle with raising kids. If I think about who we want to help and work with, many decisions are easy.  

I have a personal word that I am putting out there to remind me over and over again what I'm focusing on this year.  My word is Nurture.  After a year of excitement and exploring and travelling and feeling like I haven't quite "caught up" and learning new things at new seminars and getting new levels of certification, now I get a year of Nurturing our home and business and sanity! 

My workbook is encouraging making a piece of art to focus on that word, and I may.  For now, it does help me to make decisions.  I have a travel bug and a "need to learn more in my work" bug and almost booked myself another seminar which would have involved travelling away from my family for 5 days.  Do I need to do it now?  No.  Is is going to nurture me?  No.  Nurture my family? No.  Nurture my business?  No, I just did the seminar last year.  

Amazing how that works.

I'm not anti-resolutions.  I just wanted to check in if those resolutions became goals, or visions, and what that means to you.  Does it mean that you have a list of action plans which you can check off as you go?  (Some of you like that, I can't quite decide if that motivates me.) Can you picture in your head what you want this year?  Can you feel it somewhere in your body?  Are you scoffing at me as you've already been at the gym 12 times this year because you have your marathon booked?  If we've talked about Triad of Change, this may start to sound familiar.  

Wherever you are at, whether you bother with resolutions or not, it felt like a good time for a check-in.  I hope it's going well.  If its time to start again, maybe I've shared a couple new ways to start again tomorrow.

Additional Thought...

I have it in my head that I need big stretches of time to do things.  For instance, I want to "create" something... but I need at least 3-4 hours to do that.  So I don't always get to it.  

I was reminded of T. Harv Eker (Millionaire Mind) who recommends we treat our money from day one, how we'll treat it when we are wealthy.  We should allocate our money into accounts-ie. 55% necessities, 5% fun, 10% education, 10% Long term savings for spending, 10% Short term savings for spending, and 10% for something I'm forgetting (whatever you want to allocate it towards I suppose).  

My light bulb moment was that I can do the same thing with time... Maybe I don't have 4 hours, but if I have 5 minutes I can use it to knit 2 rows; or I could write a paragraph and come back later; or one load of laundry a day means I'm not doing a day of laundry on Saturday.  I'm obviously still working on my time allocation, but its dawning on me that when I treat my time with respect, I will know how to treat it when I have more "free time".  I'll work on this one!  


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