Welcome January

Welcome Back!  

It's been a nice time away and we had the perfect start to January with a brand new, New Moon.  It feels like an auspicious start and aren't you curious what good things this year will hold?  

Have you made plans for the year?  Resisted making plans to see how the year unfolds?  Made a planning date for later in January?  

A year ago today I was fully into my food experiment challenge - with a January full of cleanses and playing with a changing diet from Vegan to Paleo.  While it was fun when I did it and I learned a lot about how my body interacts with food, there is none of that at this moment!  This moment will include a little less of the extremes and more of my own common sense.  Yes, I'll try new foods and recipes, but nothing crazy to start off my January.  

Any voices that I hear, are all saying that I will have a year that is quiet, home-based, nurturing, creative and restful.  I would love if it includes a bit of boredom as well.  Last year included a lot of travels both for work/ training and personal, but I expect there will be a little less time away and more of a focus here.  The last few months I've been dabbling in some workshops and I hope to soon share some new concepts that I learned-such as the Food Forest.  I'm aiming to step my gardening addiction up a notch and produce more from our backyard-in a sustainable manner.  (Coming soon!)

At Elan, we will have a few new offerings at the office-including starting the year with a Reflexology class in January, more SRI (Breath-Body Integration) after Scott travels to Denver in February, but expect to see continued consistency in our services, such as my Network Spinal Analysis chiropractic care, & pregnancy and pediatric care.  We have a lot to integrate from all of the training and studying we did last year!  We're excited at all that we accomplished in 2013-including new NSA Certification (me!), Scott's 2200 hour Massage Therapy equivalency, and specific kids programs that we started in the Summer of 2013.  

For now, I hope you have had a restful time away; that you enjoyed spending moments with your family and loved ones; and that you are ready for the year ahead.  Whether you are embracing new habits this year or keeping a focus on what you love in your life, all the best for the year ahead!  


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