Head, Shoulder, Knees and Toes

I have started the New Year off with a BANG.  Me falling onto floor.  Me falling onto ice.  All within the first week of the year.  

Fortunately, neither of them involved a hit to the head, but my head is involved because it has made me perplexed and befuddled.  


I didn't think too much about the first fall.  Some strange alarm went off in our house.  Wasn't the stove and the granola wasn't burning.  Seemed to be coming from the basement.  

As I ran down the stairs, it dawned on me that it must be the carbon monoxide detector and I eyed it for a flashing light.  Did we really have fresh batteries in that thing or is it telling me to replace the battery?  At the same time that I was staring at it, I hit a puddle of wet floor and next thing I knew, I was on the floor and soaked from my bum to my toes.  

The alarm was not the carbon monoxide detector but one of the water detector alarms that our insurance company had scattered around our house when they insisted we change our hot water tank.  (We did replace it but they still wanted those alarms). The washing machine was overflowing and we had a (minor) flood in the basement laundry room.  

No worries- our washing machine is repaired and the basement cleaned up quickly and dried out with fans.  It made me laugh (yes, laugh), because I had just said within the prior 24 hours, "I think this will be a year to focus on our home."  (... like clean up the laundry room).  

Somehow I managed to sprain a toe and twist a knee with that fall.  A little bit of bruising and a slight limp for a couple days, lots of arnica and ice, and I'm as good as new.  

Knee and Toe.  

The next fall involved less drama but more pain.  The two of us went skating.  Let me say that I am used to the beautiful, much missed, Zamboni-ed,  frozen lagoon at Bowness Park.  Anything else does not compare.  I ended up somewhere that looked pretty, but was very bumpy and ungroomed-basically a flooded, homemade, field with a meandering path of ice.  I was trying to convince my daughter that skating is fun and I could help her learn!  She preferred to make snow angels in the snow.   

Plus-and you'll appreciate this if you are in Calgary-I had to take advantage of our seasonal weather (it was hovering near freezing-so warm!) and I needed to venture outside after being stuck indoors for so long.   

Needless to say, I fell.  This time on my bum and outstretched hand, and pulled my daughter down with me.  Complete with shooting pain at my wrist and up my arm to my shoulder and neck.  Oh the irony.  With visions of an ER visit and a broken wrist with a cast, I tried to be calm so as to not scar my daughter forever from this sport.  (I should add, I'm really not a bad skater.  I don't do spins or jumps, but I am decent.)

We made it home and I put on arnica and ice on my rapidly swelling wrist.  Sparing you my whining, lets just say I sprained it.  

Wrist and Shoulder.  (I know, I titled it wrong).  

The next day my wrist looked good-a little swollen and lightly bruised.  But after a checkup and a tape job, relatively good to go.  I've been more careful and nicer to myself than usual.  

I need a moral of this story.  

  1. Keep arnica or traumeel in the house.  Use ice. 
  2. Get adjusted regularly.  (Do you really think I would be this ok if I didn't have a really smart spine and nervous system?)
  3. Rest when you need to. 
  4. Enjoy nature and be careful.  
  5. Maybe that I'm just like everyone else and get my own bumps and bruises.  This is how I handle it.  
There are probably more lessons to be learned but for now, I'll make the most of the last 2 days to hibernate before I am good to go!   


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