21 Energy Rich Days I

We have a challenge happening at the office and we've just started our first official week. 

The challenge is to work on something in your life and "play" with the Triad of Change as we go. The Triad of Change means that we all have a strength in how we can make change in our life~using either Structure, Perception or Behavior. For the purpose of this challenge, we don't address whether something is a Prime or a Keystone, but keep it simple and look for what strengthens us and what drains us. 

(An aside… Prime means it will help us with the spark or the initial start up energy. Keystone means it provides the body/ energy or holds all the other pieces in place. There is also a drain that is not our best way of starting something, or using the energy from, but is actually our gift when all the sides align.)

For my challenge, I am being a Memory Keeper, primarily for my daughters. It started because I was chatting about Christmas 2015 and I had no recollection. Of anything!! I had a bit of panic about that and had to dig out where we were, what we did, some photos, etc. Then I felt better. Because last Christmas was Greta's FIRST and how could I forget? I know I've heard of second child syndrome, but that was a little ridiculous. My plan is to update their journals, work on Greta's scrapbook, possibly update Scarlett's photos (although I feel way less guilt as hers is much more complete-at lease up to age 3 or 4), write a little, take a few more photos than usual, that type of thing. 

The challenge kick-off evening happened Tuesday and then what happened? Every commitment I could possibly take on. Work. A Red Tent that I was participating in. A NaturePlay movie that I had to see-for the kids of course! A school event trudging with lanterns through the woods (we call it a Lantern Walk in preparing ourselves for the upcoming winter). Gymnastics. A birthday party to plan and execute, all in Wonderland Theme of course. So I realized that the first week was the inspiration and the Memory Making week. It helped to fuel my perception, although truthfully, all that behaviour also had the effect of draining my energy. 

Sunday rolled around and Structure week started. I updated Scarlett's journal all about her amazing birthday and a lot of the things that we did in 2016 (because the last update was December 2015). One thing done. Check. I would share Dr Rob's video on structure, but for the moment we are keeping it to the private group of challengers. To me, Structure week means that I am creating structures around this task-I schedule it in my daytimer; I make sure that I have all the props that I will need (pens, photos, scrapbooks, journals); and, I make lists about what I am going to complete in this time period, or even what I need to work on and I can chose where to focus. Structure could include making sure I have a space in my house to work on this project. It may include routines that make memory keeping something that I do routinely. 

What did I learn this week? The Red Tent I attended was quite lovely for reminding me of my maternal and feminine lineage. It makes me realize that all the full-ness of life (aka busy-ness) in this moment is temporary. My preserving memories for the girls is not about today, but about the future enjoyment they will receive, and likely to be shared with their daughters too. Because, let's face it, I'm sure there are more girls to come. 

NaturePlay is a movie about how kids (and all of us) need to be outside moving and learning. It contrasts the education systems of the US and Scandinavian countries & specifically how we need to maintain our recess, lunch and outdoor physical play. I know my girls are happiest, play together peacefully, and could both spend hours outdoors. Limited of course by our schedule and other commitments-like school and work. Many great memories are from being outside. 

Our class Lantern Walk-so beautiful to hear the children's voices singing together. Lanterns in the woods, a short play, all so lovely! As our school prefers that we don't photograph at events like this, a written description or drawing from my daughter may be the best way to remember this, or the 4 lanterns that we've accumulated over the years provide a visual reminder of this evening! 

And a Wonderful Wonderland Unbirthday party? Obviously that creates a dozen memories of laughter, friends, good food, fun and more. Alice came. Scott and I were dressed at the Ace of Spades and Ace of Hearts. There were cupcakes. Day complete. 

Do your plans sometimes go sideway with much better results? 


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