Behaviour and Triad of Change

This is the third month chatting about our Triad of Change. Behaviour means we start something with action - it may be movement: walking, exercise or priming exercises, or it may be jumping in to work on the thing that is next needing to be done.

We pick Behaviour to go with November as this is the last month we have a chance to take action on our plans for the year before we get caught up in the celebrations of December and the holidays. I think it's a great time to review what are some things you wanted to get done in 2016 - take this opportunity to finish the year on a successful note. Do you have personal or business goals that you can re-start for this last month?

We can support you in this!! Join us online for our 21 Energy Rich Days challenge, or ask to join our next group. We will play with the Triad of Change to find your most effective strategy for making change in your life. There are lots of great events this month and mark your calendar for our December 2nd Office Celebration and Open House! We celebrate Elan's Birthday on this date and have a Community Project that you can add to. Enjoy your month of great action!


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