Return to Routine

Structure and Routine… At Elan, that's our focus for the month of September. By now you have the kids back in school, the days are getting shorter and colder, and its time to spend more of our time indoors and return to our routines. We have written words from our practitioners, with articles from this month's newsletter. I hope you enjoy the different perspectives!

Curious how to make effective change in your life? Let us introduce/re-acquaint you to the Triad of Change. This September we will share about Structure, with Perception and Behavior soon to follow! The Triad means that we can use our strengths to accomplish change, without getting stuck on our areas of weakness. For September, let us start by pretending Structure is our strength. We have ease moving into scheduled days; learning new activities in classes or at work; and creating and accomplishing new goals - whether for our physical health or other.

Sound good? If you struggle a little, play with one of the other sides of the Triad - try out Behavior, for instance, by starting your day with a brisk walk or a work out at the gym (or even do 15 jumping jacks before you sit down to work). Or try Perception by creating a visual, feeling or emotion of what's behind what you're wanting to accomplish. For instance, if you're wanting to workout this fall, pin up some pictures of how you want to look, think of the energy your body will have, or keep a picture nearby of the mountain you want to climb.

With a focus on Structure this month, I'd like to invite you to change your relationship with the structure most consistent in your life... your body! I am offering a new workshop called Pain Integration Experience (PIE) which will help you to change your relationship with pain you may be currently experiencing. The information is included to the left under Big Events and I hope to see you there.

Enjoy the crisp days of September and the rhythm of this new upcoming season. 

~Dr Josephene


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