Practice of Gratitude

Elan's Theme for October is Perception. I'm happy to share this article from our Holistic Reflexologist Sandra on how to practice gratitude. 

When I heard the theme this month was gratitude I was really glad, because it has been on my mind a lot lately. It all started a few weeks ago when someone challenged me to a gratitude challenge on social media. I was to post three things a day that I felt grateful about. So this got my mind focusing on looking for my daily things. I realized that the more things I thought about, the more things came to mind. Putting the practice of gratitude into every day equaled an increase in the amount of things I was feeling grateful about. But of course! When you align your thoughts with the positive, the Universe has no choice but to answer with more!

Over the past month as my “attitude of gratitude” has been growing, so has my list. Whether the list comes out on paper in a journal, spoken out loud to a loved one or shared as a post on the internet, it all counts towards an ever increasing pile of goodness! My heart feels lighter and I feel like I am smiling more. Gratitude is contagious, too! When we share what we are grateful for with our family and friends, it gives them the opportunity to practice as well. What a wonderful world this could be if we could all incorporate gratitude into every single day and spread it around like sunshine!

I encourage you to start a gratitude practice today, if you don’t already have one. A really beautiful one I heard about recently is to place your hand over the heart of the person you are sharing with while you tell them what you are grateful for about them. Children respond especially well to this exercise.

So tell me, what are YOU feeling grateful for today? Go ahead, express it!

~ Sandra


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