Birthing in Bowness


Our community of Bowness has such amazing families and local supports for the pregnant mom and growing family. We would like to bring many of you together - let's make this a chance for moms to meet other moms who are pregnant (or want to be), for us to meet our local birth support workers (whether doulas, sleep consultants, health professionals, etc.) and have a fun and social evening while doing so. We will coordinate a mini “meet-your-neighbour” event, have three short (5-10 minute) presentations on helping your birthing process, and save time to eat and mingle. For more info, click here

Our presentations will be from Sandra Catania, Holistic Reflexologist, Amanda Ernewein, Doula and Midwifery Student, and Ali from Peaceful Slumber Paediatric Sleep Solutions. 

Friday, April 20


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