Vision Board

Today was Vision board creation day.

The highlights:

Heart Centered

Connected relationship with Family

Health for our family & families we work with



Food, Food, Food! (I cut those pictures out last month)

Travel to new places and experiencing new cultures. While I would love to say Russia, France, Africa, Costa Rica & South America are all in the plans-just a general theme of exploring somewhere new.

Abundance, success, and a leader in my work and community.

Pretties for my high aesthetic-flowers, food, clothes.

Creative & domestic outlets.

A smattering of words to tie it all together, et voila!


  1. I love vision boards. It is such a simple way to remember what you love in those not so great moments, and to remember what you want when you are struggling for clarity. I did a digital one this year and it is my computer's homepage!


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